Spike (William the Bloody)

Cut throat investigator. Blonde hair, slick back, scar on left eyebrow, 26 yrs old, 6'1 and 185 lbs. Sarcastic attitude but sees more than he lets on.


William grew up in a small town in the style of 1800 England, in the Slums District. His only other family was his dear mother whom he loved very much, who was also very ill. Every Friday he would go to this Pub and read romantic Poetry about a woman he had met that goes to the same pub. One day after being slightly more specific on one of his poems, the lady, a human by the name of Sarah, had sat him down and asked him one question. “William, those poems that you write.. they arent about me.. are they?” He blushes as he tilts his head down and quietly says “yes ma’am..” The reaction he gets was one he did not expect.. Especially from her. She bursts out laughing, gets out of her seat and continues laughing, walking into a group of people and telling them who his poems are really about. The group bursts out laughing, as William turns bright red and runs out of the pub, he over hears one of the patrons say " I hope getting laughed out of the pub will convince him to never come back! I would rather have a railroad spike driven through my head than to have to listen to any more of that dribble!"

He runs on home, avoiding the people on the street. At home, he slams through the door waking his mother. He starts paking up his stuff, and asks her to do the same because they are getting out of that town. " I cant stand it any more! I have to leave this town, come with me mother!" His mother, however, refused, saying that he was 20 years old, and that he should have left a long time ago. William explains that he will not go anywhere if she doesnt go with him, which greatly upsets his mother, where she tells him she doesnt need him anymore. that she has not needed him for a while now and didnt have the heart to tell him to leave, but now she fears he has gotten too attached to her that he was afraid to move on. " Just leave! get out of my house!" his mother yells at him as she shoves him out the door. At that moment, William felt something snap in his head, so he went to the railroad that was build near by, and stole some of the spikes, returned to the pub with them hidden well behind his coat, and started slaughtering all the people in the bar that laughed him out by driving railroad spikes through their heads, starting with the one that made the first comment.

Afterwards, he fled the town, changed his name to spike because people would be looking for “William the bloody”

He fell in league with another group of outcast murderers named Angelus (m), Drusilla (f), and Darla (F) and formed a gang with them, terrorizing small groups at night, Spike was kicked out of the group after Drusilla (the girl in the group that he had fallen in love with) told him he had grown soft because he wouldnt kill a small family just for fun. She had told him to leave, and not come back, even tho he was planning on leaving anyway.

This is where he found himself in the same town as the Iron Boar Mercenary Company, after Six years of honing his killing and murdering skills, he thought the best way to use his acquired skills was as a mercenary, secretly wanting to use it to help atone for the many sins he has commited.

Spike (William the Bloody)

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