2nd Lt. Mal

6'6", 175, looks like mid 30s, Tall, wirey strong, pale skin with a slight silver sheen, ice blue eyes, stark white hair with one long black bang lock normally tucked behind his left ear.


Hero; 3xp; Skilled; Nyss; Military Officer, Duelist;

5(7)Phy; 6(7)Spd; 4(6)Str; 4(5)Agi; 5(5)Prw; 5(5)Poi; 3(5)Int; 0(0)Arc; 4(5)Per;

Def: 13; Arm: 10 (14 vs. Cold [+3 Nyss, +1 Great Coat], 7 vs. Fire [-3 Nyss]) [Armored Great Coat: +5 ARM, +1 ARM vs. Cold]; Init: 16; Cmd Rng: 19

Hand Weapon 7; Great Weapon 5; Pistol 7; Rifle 5; Unarmed 5

Navigation 6; Gambling 6; Detection 5; Sneak 4; Command Soc+1; Intimidation Soc+1; Jumping 6; Medicine 4; Etiquette Soc+0; Cryptography 3

Battle Plan: Call to Action (p157); Natural Leader (p165); Team Leader (p168); Parry (p165); Riposte (p166)

+1 Atk during activation phase (p116); Feat: Defensive Strike (p117)

+1 Init; +1 PER rolls; +3 ARM vs. Cold; -3 ARM vs. Fire (p112)

Nyssian Military
Iron Boar Mercenary Company


Publicly Known
Arrived in Caspia in Cygnar about a year ago. Signed on with the Black Boars soon after though no one knows why he picked them in particular.

Signed on as a 1st Lt of an infantry platoon, but was shortly moved to the irregulars, showing greater skill there. Has lead a few guard missions, a few courier missions, a few dueling champion tasks and generally works to keep the support staff and training running.

A normally easy going commander, though he does require basic respect in general interactions. He does train the regimental structure to new recruits, so when other commanders get them they can properly follow orders. While on small unit missions, he pretty much throws out “military discipline” so long as those with him remember who is in command, and they do their jobs.

Other than that he is Nyss rather than Iosian (obvious if you know the difference) and that he was in the Nyss military before coming to Cygnar, he says nothing about his past. For those that know it though, he sometimes has the look in his eyes of a man who has looked into the Abyss and seen the Abyss look back.

Private History
And seen into the Abyss he has. Previously, he was a Sgt Major of a number of Ranger squadrons in the Nyssian army. The knife in the back of the enemy.

When the Blight began to take his people, he and the best of his men were secretly tasked with first keeping the Ranger corps clean, then increasingly the entire army. As the corruption spread, his squads became more autonomous, the command structure starting to break down or be removed. As time progressed, he was killing as many Rangers as he was anyone else, the Blight becoming all encompassing.

His last coherent command was to engage the village Silansian, eradicate the Blighted threat. He brought with him, his last trusted men. Three squadrons, a full 30 men. We surrounded the village quietly. Once in place, I sent in a pair playing government officials, ostensibly to draw out the corrupted ones. We didn’t realize that the entire village had fallen. We watched as they tore apart my advanced pair. I ordered the attack, intending on razing the village. I had no idea the true strength of the Blighted, or the shear numbers that had been gathered at that village. After only moments, I sounded the retreat, having seen too much slaughter. Women and children with their glowing eyes cutting down my men. We never stood a chance.

I made it back to our fall back point; decided in advanced and never mentioned outside my troops; bloody, beaten and almost dead. After everything, only 15 of my men survived, most of them as bad off as I was. Men and women of the Nyss dedicated to survival. Once we all healed, I took my remnants away from that place. Tired of the killing. The suffering of the innocents, I took them from our homes.

Quietly, making sure we were not followed, nor looking like a rogue squadron, I brought my men to Ghord in Rhul. Once there, I used the remaining wealth of the to purchase two things: one, a specially designed cypher, written in Nyss, but using Dwarven language cryptics in hopes of making the cypher more difficult to crack; two, the use of the dwarven merchant messaging system. Messages marked to an eagle against a mountain (a simplified version of my mark) will find their way to me, each mark slightly different so I can tell who is who. Messages marked from the same will find their way to the rest of my men. Using the cypher and the trust of the dwarves, I know where all of my men are and no one else.

My last order to them was to survive. To spread across the land. To learn. To grow. To make friends that could help us on that faithful day. The day when we could go home. To be free of the Blight and have our home again. Spread to the four corners of Immoren. Find allies. Find strength. When the time is right, I will call us together and we will take back our home. I sent my two best negotiators to Ios, to see if our kin have any idea what happened. I sent my five best; those best at stealth and will; back to Nyss to keep an eye on our home, with orders to not interfere, only watch. The rest to the four winds, to fend for themselves.

I took myself to Cygnar, having no place better to go. There I found the Iron Boars, and joined them to ply my trade, never sharing my true past.

2nd Lt. Mal

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