• 2nd Lt. Mal

    2nd Lt. Mal

    6'6", 175, looks like mid 30s, Tall, wirey strong, pale skin with a slight silver sheen, ice blue eyes, stark white hair with one long black bang lock normally tucked behind his left ear.
  • Spike (William the Bloody)

    Spike (William the Bloody)

    Cut throat investigator. Blonde hair, slick back, scar on left eyebrow, 26 yrs old, 6'1 and 185 lbs. Sarcastic attitude but sees more than he lets on.
  • Alice Sinclair

    Alice Sinclair

    Secretary, Treasurer, Assitant, Lore Keeper and all around buisness woman of the Black Boar Mercs.
  • Major Carth

    Major Carth

    Major of the Black Boar Mercenary Company. A soldiering man in his mid to late thirties.
  • Pvt. Anders

    Pvt. Anders

    Human male in his late teens. Baby-faced and looking too scrawny in his merc company uniform. Usually has a cheerful smile on his face but his eyes seem as keen as a hawk's.