Adventures of the Iron Boar Mercenary Company

Another day of training...

Written in Nyss in a small log book

Morning training goes well. Sgt Vadim Svyatoslav is putting the new recruits through their paces. They are still mostly green, though they are starting to show promise. I may begin to separate some from the group for advanced hand weapon training to supplement Sgt’s great weapon training. Pvt. Anders is continuing to prove completely inept at any weapon other than the rifle. For all his apparent skill at the long gun, I’m still not certain if he will stand up to a rush, or be able to pull the trigger to take a life. If this keeps up, I may have to send him on his way.

Major returned from a meeting looking worried reading some missive. I need to ask him about it later in private.

LCPL Clay Felson brought a possible new recruit from the front office. This one is completely disrespectful and completely green. The disrespect will need to be fixed if he stays on. He’s not much to look at, but, he looks to be able to hold himself in a combat situation. Hidden multiple blades about his person and while boasting to be able to use any weapon, he holds himself like a hand weapon and crossbowman, a rare skill in the city. Gave him to the Sgt to put him through his paces. They chose the knife, and the sprout was turning the tide I added a second test, announced shots. The sprout did well to finish off the Sgt while pulling him out of harms way. Felson acquitted himself perfectly as normal, though PFC Rana Stoneshearth could use a brush-up on hitting the deck. The trainees all need to be shot at more before we can even think about putting them in the field except for Pvt Anders. That one covered and moved into an attack position without even thought. I believe we can make a black-ops out of that one if we can see if he will pull the trigger when it counts.

We might be able to do something with the sprout, and the Major agreed, so we signed on Pvt. Spike…


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